March 27, 2020

Covid-19 Update (4)


Given that the governors of all three states that we serve, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan

have ordered that all non-essential business close and the people stay home – we are going to

go to the next step here at the Voyageurs Area Council.


In compliance with legal mandates, the Voyageurs Area Council Service Center will be closed

until May 1, 2020.  No more appointments will be taken starting this Saturday, March 28.  Any

in-person Scouting events or meetings for April that might have still been pending or even

anticipated are hereby cancelled.  If the event or meeting can be re-scheduled we will do our best

to let everyone know when that is going to happen.  In-person events or meetings for May would

be considered unlikely at this point.


I want to assure everyone that the staff of the Voyageurs Area Council continue to put in full work

schedules and are each doing their best to find ways to accomplish job tasks and other functions

that will continue to add value to Scouting each day.  We are participating in webinars and chat

groups to discover what others are doing to be successful.  We are working with each other to solve

work issues and discuss the needs of our Scouts and their families.  We are doing our best to serve.


All members of the staff are available every day of the week and all of the professional staff (district executives, Director of Institutional Advancement, and Scout Executive) are available regardless of

the day or time of day.  We can be reached by cell phone or email.  That information has been

shared in a previous update and is available on the Council website at www.vac-bsa.orgExternal Link.


We are all in this together.  We are encourage by what we see from unit leaders and parents as they

continue to work with their Scouts on advancements, service opportunities, and fun stuff in Scouting.


Remember – a Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful,

Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.  All of these things have special meaning during this crisis.


My best,


Michael Jenkins,

Scout Executive


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