WHAT IS PRESIDENT’S CLUB? This past year of Scouting in the Voyageurs Area Council was very successful.  Your participation in the President’s Club will make our 2016 Highlights even better than 2015 or 2014.

Members of The Presidents Club will:
  1. Personally support one Scout at $191
  2. Commit to secure $1,000 or greater in Friends of Scouting (FOS) personally or from one or more donors in addition to personal pledge
  3. Secure one new corporate or individual supporter at a support one Scout level
Will you join The President’s Club?  
As a valued supporter of the Scouting program you know that it is our mission to make available to all youth the opportunity to participate in a program of character-building, citizenship training, leadership development and fitness training. We cannot do this without your support. That is why I am asking, will you join me and fellow members of our executive board to empower the youth of the Voyageurs Area Council by choosing today to become a member of The President’s Club?
Rest assured your investment and the investment of others that you solicit greatly impacts our local communities.

Here is a worksheet you can use to clear your prospects. We want to ensure that no one is asked twice by accident. Please complete the worksheet and submit to and we'll clear the prospects and give you the tools necessary to solicit those who have not already given.

Thank you for your support,

Chris Mathews

Council President