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Voyageurs Area Council

Silver Beaver Award

Regulations and Procedures 


The Silver Beaver Award is presented by the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, through the local Council to adult volunteer Scouters for their distinguished service to youth and their community.  The award is intended to acknowledge noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth by registered Cub Scouters, Scouters, Varsity Scouters and Venturing leaders within the territory under the jurisdiction of the local Council.

It is considered the highest award a Boy Scout Council can bestow on a volunteer Scouter.


Any currently registered adult Scouter (21 or older) within the Voyageurs Area Council who has a record of quality service to Scouting, his or her community, and non-scouting youth, is eligible for nomination.  Nominations will not be considered for professional Scouters or Council employees within 5 years of their leaving employment.  Nominations cannot be considered for posthumous awards.  There are no prerequisites such as District Award of Merit or Wood Badge.

The nature and value of noteworthy service of exceptional character could consist of a single significant action with extraordinary results, a plan of various activities contributing to the lives of a large number of youth, or it may be results generated over an extended time with a relatively small group.


  • Nominations may be initiated by adults who have served with the nominee or who are otherwise personally familiar with the nominee’s service record.  Self-nomination disqualifies the candidate.

    Nominations must be submitted on the current Silver Beaver Nomination form.

  • Complete the Nomination Form, summarizing the Nominee’s service record. Please write in the space given.  One (1) additional page of community involvement, service to youth or additional Scouting information will be allowed due to space constraints.  This page is not a summary of the individual’s qualifications, but information in addition or to clarify involvement in activities outside of Scouting.

  • Letters of Recommendation: The Silver Beaver Award Selection Committee will see the names of individuals who submit letters of recommendation.  No more than four letters of recommendation will be accepted.  They may be from any of the following:  Church, Civic/Community/Fraternal (including but not limited to Scouting), Professional/Trade/Business, and Scouting Nominator.

  • Nominations are due February 1.

  • When the packet is complete, please mail it to:

    Voyageurs Area Council

    Silver Beaver Selection Committee

    3877 Stebner Road

    Hermantown, MN 55811


Award Selection Information

  • The Council President selects the chair and appoints the Silver Beaver Selection Committee.

  • The selection committee is responsible to choose the best applicants possible.

  • The maximum number of Silver Beaver Awards presented annually is limited by National Council policy.  The Selection Committee may award any number up to the maximum allocated.

  • Districts are not guaranteed a Silver Beaver Award since all nominations will be compared as a whole, not by district.


When the selection process is complete, if a nominee is selected, the nominee and the individual who submitted the nomination will be notified by the Selection Committee Chair.

If the nominee is not selected, the complete packet will be returned to the nominator.  Please strive to ensure that the nominee is kept unaware of his or her nomination. It is not uncommon for a nominee to be nominated several times without being selected.  Nominators are encouraged to update the packet and re-submit it each year if their candidate is not selected.

The Silver Beaver Awards are presented at the Council Annual Recognition Dinner

Voyageurs Area Council Advancement Committee

Adopted 1-1-2015

Fillable nomination form can be printed and mailed or submitted via email (just click submit on the bottom of page 4).

Voyageurs Area Council Silver Beaver Regulations and Procedures


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